Who we are

The Alternate Paradigms Coaches have spent over ten years developing and putting into practice methods to help thousands of people transform themselves and their lives from the inside out. Our company was formed to extend this service to a larger community by targeting organisations that would benefit from structural, cultural and managerial realignment, in accordance with the values of Interconnectivity, Unity and Transformation for Evolution.

Our coaches have all been trained and initiated by high spiritual Masters, and have either undergone training as executive coaches or have extensive marketing and business backgrounds.

What makes our team and techniques unique is their ability to help you identify and transform the root cause of any given problem. By carrying out changes from the source of the issue, you can alleviate and even release what would appear to be seemingly unrelated physical, emotional or energetic symptoms.

We’ve had the privilege of working with clients all over the world, including the UK, Brazil, the US, the Netherlands, Germany, Estonia and France.

What they say about us

icon-quoteMany busy executives are trying to achieve the optimum balance between a demanding all-consuming job with a harmonious life outside the board room. We become too stressed, too pre-occupied and at times unable to think clearly and effectively. The Alternate Paradigms coaches are able to provide the perfect solution and remove the obstacles and blockages that you may well be completely unaware of preventing you progressing successfully. The net result is the ability to transform your life with an effective and clear focus of the direction you are successfully heading towards. It is hard to describe the powerful treatment unlike any alternative medicine I have previously sought, suffice to say it works and I highly recommend stressed, tired over worked executives to book their session forthwith!icon-quote-e1477088933531