Individual coaching stages


   We provide a bespoke program for each client, making sure that every personal need is met by working through a series of objectives set together at the first session.

Stage 1 :

involves an in depth exploration of issues around mental, emotional, and physical well being. This breakdown of your current state of Being can be achieved quickly without needing to verbally or emotionally revisit uncomfortable situations from your past.

We then work towards clearing past traumas from their origin, releasing ingrained limitations, patterns, behaviours and unhealthy reactions to certain triggers, be it people or situations.

Stage 2 :

involves developing and nurturing positive qualities within yourself in alignment with your objectives and the foundations you need to lead a fulfilled life. This process involves you coming out of your head and into your heart, clearing your mind from burdensome thoughts and training you to feel, and not think, your way through life.

Here, we are likely to touch upon ways of improving your relationship to yourself and others, all the while supporting you in finding your life purpose, improving different problem areas and much more.

Stage 3 :

revolves around supporting you in discovering and bringing to life a more beautiful, inspired and fulfilled version of yourself.

Based on the significant transformation and blossoming we have seen in thousands of clients so far, we understand the importance of every person embodying their limitless self. Here we help you find the freedom and confidence to design your life according to your deepest wishes, freeing yourself from your own judgement, expectations and criticism and creating the space to be who you were born to be.

What they say about us

icon-quoteMany busy executives are trying to achieve the optimum balance between a demanding all-consuming job with a harmonious life outside the board room. We become too stressed, too pre-occupied and at times unable to think clearly and effectively. The Alternate Paradigms coaches are able to provide the perfect solution and remove the obstacles and blockages that you may well be completely unaware of preventing you progressing successfully. The net result is the ability to transform your life with an effective and clear focus of the direction you are successfully heading towards. It is hard to describe the powerful treatment unlike any alternative medicine I have previously sought, suffice to say it works and I highly recommend stressed, tired over worked executives to book their session forthwith!icon-quote-e1477088933531