How we work


We design bespoke programs to meet company objectives using a series of highly powerful and transformative protocols.

Our methods combine an initial in depth diagnostic of the company and its individuals, as well as spiritual technologies, energetic and morphic field work, individual and group workshops, custom guided meditations and visualization techniques.

The format below will give you an understanding of how we work, although we custom design each program on a per client basis.

 Stage 1:

  • We set up an individual coaching session with the company CEO in order to undergo a direct experience of our work. At this point a conversation take place regarding how we can provide a detailed analysis of his/her company.
  • We reach an agreement of the terms of our engagement

 Stage 2:

  • We deliver an in depth diagnostic of the company and a proposal that addresses the solutions within 12 working days which we review with the CEO.
  • If an agreement to pursue our work and start implementing solutions is reached we move to Stage 3.

Stage 3:

  • Within 10 days, we implement the solutions and fixes that can be set into motion without involvement of company executives.

We then deliver a complete brief on remaining issues and solutions to be presented to top executives and concerned department managers.

Stage 4:

  • Half day workshop with executives & management to understand problematics and solutions. In depth presentation of work that will be done with different departments and employees.

Stage 5:

  • Half day workshops with selected staff to address root issues highlighted in diagnostic and presented in Stage 4.

Objectives :

  • Align staff to the company objectives, values and culture
  • Instill greater efficiency and improved communication
  • Realize potential at an individual and group level
  • Learn transformative tools for greater success
  • Acquire a shared direction, vision and understanding…

Stage 6:

  • Post consultation follow up and additional support if required during next 2 months

Optional Extra Workshop 2 months after consultation :

  • global meditations with up to 130 people to align employees with company values/culture/objectives and instill more global efficiency and better internal communication at a very large scale.

What they say about us

icon-quoteMany busy executives are trying to achieve the optimum balance between a demanding all-consuming job with a harmonious life outside the board room. We become too stressed, too pre-occupied and at times unable to think clearly and effectively. The Alternate Paradigms coaches are able to provide the perfect solution and remove the obstacles and blockages that you may well be completely unaware of preventing you progressing successfully. The net result is the ability to transform your life with an effective and clear focus of the direction you are successfully heading towards. It is hard to describe the powerful treatment unlike any alternative medicine I have previously sought, suffice to say it works and I highly recommend stressed, tired over worked executives to book their session forthwith!icon-quote-e1477088933531